Taming a river, bringing water and power to the Southwest and West

What is the Boulder Canyon Project Act?

The Boulder Canyon Project Act is the name the federal government gave to the entire process of building Hoover Dam and Boulder City. The Dam remains the largest water and power project in US History.

The monumental construction effort resulted in the invention of technology and equipment still used today, and a Dam considered one of the major wonders of the modern world. 

Hoover Dam provides power and water for six states, created what for most of a century was the largest man made lake in the world, Lake Mead, and allowed for the growth of what are now the major southwestern cities of Las Vegas, Phoenix, Los Angeles and San Diego.

The 31ers and their families who came to Nevada seeking work during the Great Depression weathered extreme conditions, took on dangerous work and added to the legacy of the American West in a key chapter of how man can overcome obstacles and create a lasting legacy.