Keeping Boulder City History Alive

Boulder City 31ers 

What is a 31’er? Originally, a 31’er was the term used for a person who arrived in the area that would become Boulder City, Nevada back in 1931, prior to serious construction on the Boulder or Black Canyon Dam (later named Hoover Dam). 

Over time those who worked or lived in the area during the entire time the Dam and Boulder City itself were under construction came to known as 31ers. 

Today, anyone who has lived in Boulder City for at least 31 years or is a descendant of those who worked on the Dam or who lived in Boulder city during the building of the dam are eligible to be called a 31er.

What is the Boulder Canyon Project Act?

The Boulder Canyon Project Act is the name the federal government gave to the entire process of building Hoover Dam and Boulder City. The Dam remains the largest water and power project in US History.